Evolution of cell phones and the people who use them

At iCell and Repair we see many customers on a daily basis and almost everybody that come into our store comments about some of the older flip phones the we still carry to cater to the small percentage of the population who actually only want to talk on there phone.  As these conversations evolve it seems we always end up talking about the good old 90’s when phones could only make phone calls and were created for precisley that reason.  It always makes me think personally how i ever lived with out my iPhone,  i mean how did i ever make it to some unknown territory with out my handy dandy GPS in my pocket.  Or what did i ever do when i knew somebody was wrong about something and i didn’t have a world of information at my finger tips to prove it.  Is it conceivable that i just accepted that they were wrong and moved on with my life?  What about my email or Facebook?  But then wait this just a phone were talking about here.  Sometimes i really do miss those days it seems as though everything was much more personal then in todays world.  Sometimes I’m so consumed with being plugged in that i fear that i may be missing out on important life events, but if only i didnt have that oh so important email.  Its weird to me that no matter where i go i can see 2 people sitting together, but instead of talking to each other they are staring at there device of choice.  Then all of a sudden i snap back to reality and realize that its because of these  little devices that people seem hell bent on breaking that i am able to feed my family today, and for that i am grateful.  For better or worse these devices are here to stay, I would hate to see a day were most of my communications with the outside world were more digital then verbal.


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