5 Ways to keep your iPhone charged during a storm

We know many of you are feeling the wrath of Hurricane Sandy which is thought to be one of the biggest storms to hit the U.S. ever. Early reports are indicating that as many as 10 million people might be without power from West Virginia to Main and even as far west as Chicago. Here at iHospital, we know you rely on your iPhone’s for communicating with relatives and family, weather alerts, storm trackers and other important information.  If you live in an area affected by Sandy, here are five ways to keep your iPhone charged during a power outage:

1. Turn off apps

If you’re looking for ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery during a power outage, turning off unnecessary apps is the first place to start.  Some of your favorite apps constantly run in the background of your iPhone unless you turn them off.  Double click your home button and turn off all apps you don’t need and turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save power.

2.  Battery charger

There are a variety of backup chargers you can use to power your iPhone including juice packs that double as protective cases, battery-powered backup charges and solar powered chargers.  Don’t forget, your car charger can also be used in the event of a blackout.

3.  Laptop battery

This is a no-brainer but we had to share it anyway. If you’re laptop is fully charged when the power goes out, you can use it to power up your iPhone via the USB port.

4. Power inverter

A power inverter converts DC power from your car battery into AC juice for devices plugged into a traditional wall outlet.  This type of charger is great for powering laptops or desktop chargers which you can than use to power your iPhone.

5. Battery-life app

There are a variety of free apps that guarantee users an extended battery life.  These apps analyze how you use your iPhone and make various recommendations about which apps to delete.

An iPhone without power is useless in our digital world.  We rely on these devices for text messages, weather alerts, television, banking and much more.  Hurricanes such as Sandy remind of the importance of having backup sources of power for our iPhones and other devices.  We hope you found the above list useful.  If you have any further tips please share them in the comments below.


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