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iPad Repair St Pete

iCell and Repair is now open in St Petersburg we specialize in all things apple and also realize that mobile device computing is the way of the future so we put an extra special emphasise on iPads.  Many people break these devices and we understand that in today’s world a tablet is no longer just a toy but a business tool and with a broken tool you are not going to get much work done fortunately if your in the St Petersburg area you now have options, we carry all replacement parts for all iPads and typically can have them repaired and as good as new within a couple of hours so if your in a crunch stop by on lunch at our new 4th st location and we will have you on your way in no time.

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iCell and Repair Saint Petersburg Grand Opening Dec 1st

iCell and Repair St Pete Grand Opening will be December 1st at 5225 4th St N Ste A Saint Petersburg, Florida 33703.  Again we would like to thank our loyal customers if it wasnt for you this wouldnt be possible.Image

The Art of Phone Repair

I consistently have customers who tell me that they can fix anything as im selling them a brand new iPhone 4 screen so they can replace it themselves and save about $60.  Whenever customers make this proclamations to me i always do try to give a subltle warning and typically let them go on there way.

I have to estimate almost exactly 50% of customers who just buy the part from us bring back there device either in pieces or they have opened it up and have suddenly become overwhemled.  I would also estimate another 20% have to large of egos to actually bring there device back to our store and go elsewhere.  Now you say that leaves about 30% of customers who may actually get there device working again wether properly or not remains to be seen.  

See now the problem with electronics repair especially cell phone and tablet repair any good technician can tell you about the many devices he broke on the way to earning the experience to do repairs on a consistent day in and day out type routine.  There will be bumps and they will be nasty ones at times and customers some times lose site of this they believe because the can change there radiator on there car the can remove a screen from a cell phone.  That is untill i tell them about screws that are so tiny that you can lose them under your fingernail or if everything does not line up properly you cant just stick a crow bar in there to help readjust.  

We at iCell and Repair take great pride in our experienced technicians that is why they go through months of trainning before they ever touch a customers phone.  We liken phone repair to art;  just because you can draw a picture,  it does not mean that it is any good.


Evolution of cell phones and the people who use them

At iCell and Repair we see many customers on a daily basis and almost everybody that come into our store comments about some of the older flip phones the we still carry to cater to the small percentage of the population who actually only want to talk on there phone.  As these conversations evolve it seems we always end up talking about the good old 90’s when phones could only make phone calls and were created for precisley that reason.  It always makes me think personally how i ever lived with out my iPhone,  i mean how did i ever make it to some unknown territory with out my handy dandy GPS in my pocket.  Or what did i ever do when i knew somebody was wrong about something and i didn’t have a world of information at my finger tips to prove it.  Is it conceivable that i just accepted that they were wrong and moved on with my life?  What about my email or Facebook?  But then wait this just a phone were talking about here.  Sometimes i really do miss those days it seems as though everything was much more personal then in todays world.  Sometimes I’m so consumed with being plugged in that i fear that i may be missing out on important life events, but if only i didnt have that oh so important email.  Its weird to me that no matter where i go i can see 2 people sitting together, but instead of talking to each other they are staring at there device of choice.  Then all of a sudden i snap back to reality and realize that its because of these  little devices that people seem hell bent on breaking that i am able to feed my family today, and for that i am grateful.  For better or worse these devices are here to stay, I would hate to see a day were most of my communications with the outside world were more digital then verbal.

5 Ways to keep your iPhone charged during a storm

We know many of you are feeling the wrath of Hurricane Sandy which is thought to be one of the biggest storms to hit the U.S. ever. Early reports are indicating that as many as 10 million people might be without power from West Virginia to Main and even as far west as Chicago. Here at iHospital, we know you rely on your iPhone’s for communicating with relatives and family, weather alerts, storm trackers and other important information.  If you live in an area affected by Sandy, here are five ways to keep your iPhone charged during a power outage:

1. Turn off apps

If you’re looking for ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery during a power outage, turning off unnecessary apps is the first place to start.  Some of your favorite apps constantly run in the background of your iPhone unless you turn them off.  Double click your home button and turn off all apps you don’t need and turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save power.

2.  Battery charger

There are a variety of backup chargers you can use to power your iPhone including juice packs that double as protective cases, battery-powered backup charges and solar powered chargers.  Don’t forget, your car charger can also be used in the event of a blackout.

3.  Laptop battery

This is a no-brainer but we had to share it anyway. If you’re laptop is fully charged when the power goes out, you can use it to power up your iPhone via the USB port.

4. Power inverter

A power inverter converts DC power from your car battery into AC juice for devices plugged into a traditional wall outlet.  This type of charger is great for powering laptops or desktop chargers which you can than use to power your iPhone.

5. Battery-life app

There are a variety of free apps that guarantee users an extended battery life.  These apps analyze how you use your iPhone and make various recommendations about which apps to delete.

An iPhone without power is useless in our digital world.  We rely on these devices for text messages, weather alerts, television, banking and much more.  Hurricanes such as Sandy remind of the importance of having backup sources of power for our iPhones and other devices.  We hope you found the above list useful.  If you have any further tips please share them in the comments below.